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What is the difference between rooms?

Pod Room
Blue Room
Green Room

The Pod Room contains our Float Pod with overhead lid closure, and the Blue and Green Rooms are equipped with identical walk-in Float Rooms.

Why should you float?

There are a million reasons as to why someone should float. Below are just a few of the many benefits:

How long do the floats last?

60 to 90 minutes usually, but you can go longer. Your appointment will be anywhere from 90-120 minutes. This will allow time to rinse off prior to the float, and shower off the salt afterwards. You can get out of the float at any time.

How sanitary is the water?

Each float tank/pod is equipped with dual UV-C germicidal lights, a 1 micron filter cartridge and is tested and sanitized after each and every float. With the salt content being so high in the water, it is virtually impossible for any contaminant to survive. We also make sure each tank/pod is completely filtered at least 3 times after each use.

Can you float with dyed/color treated hair?

Yes, even with dyed or color treated hair you can float, we definitely recommend waiting until the water running through your hair at home in the shower is completely clear before floating. The salt may strip some of the color, so don't float too soon after dying/coloring your hair.

What should you wear/bring?

It is best to wear nothing in the tank to get the best experience and prevent any contamination of the tank water. We will supply towels, ear plugs, Vaseline, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for after the float. Those with long hair will want to bring a comb/brush.

How long before you see benefits?

To get the best experience from floating possible, it may take up to 3 floats to get comfortable and find your niche. It helps to be in the right mindset prior to floating. Post float, some see benefits right away, others it may take a while, every person is different.

What if you fall asleep? Will you drown?

Many people fall asleep during their floats; you will not drown because you are so buoyant. For the best experience its best to stay awake; if you fall asleep you might get salt water in your nose or eyes though, don't worry, there is a bottle of fresh water and a clean towel in each tank/pod.

Famous Floaters - Stephen Curry

Point Guard for the Golden State Warriors

"It's an opportunity to relax, for one. And it obviously has some physical benefits as well, with [the magnesium in] the salt, being able to relax those sore muscles. But to get away from the demands and all the stimuli we have in the world and in our lives, that was the main draw. When I get in the tank, I lean back, try to take a couple of deep breaths, ground myself and commence the floating. Then it's just me and my thoughts for an hour, playing Russian roulette of the mind."

"...I kind of see where my mind goes because usually that's something I've been thinking about, or a decision I might need to make in my life. It's refreshing to process what I thought about over an hour of floating, which are probably the most important things that are going on right now in your life. I have a very clear head when it's done, and it shows in the days after floating. It gives me a nice boost of focus and perspective. The more I do it, the more I get from it."

-Bram Kincheloe, Golden State of Mind