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About MI Float

MI Float is Mid-Michigan's first floatation therapy center! We're located at 213 E Main Street, Midland, MI 48640. Visit our website at www.mifloatmidland.com and like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mifloatmidland


After being completely engulfed in a 17 year cycle of seasonal work and odd jobs, I realized that maybe I didn't want to do this forever, even though it was working for now, I couldn't convince myself it was going to work forever. I needed to find something that made me happy, and let me be able to be there for my growing daughter. After months of trying to figure out what made me happy and no luck, I heard about float therapy. I had no idea what it was, but I wanted to, and after researching for months, I had no option but to float for myself. After much thought and preparation not only did I want to float, I wanted to float for a living, even though I had yet to do so. So I had a chance and jumped on it. I booked a flight Thursday afternoon; that night I drove 2 hours to the airport, flew out of Detroit 5 hours later on practically no sleep, bound for floating in LA. I had high hopes of floating in Venice at the Float Lab, called to book my float, only to be shut-down by their 6 week waiting list. Also on my last minute adventure, I was determined to try Cryo-Therapy. So I went to Cryo HealthCare, the "Cryo Headquarters" for Dancing with The Stars, and Cryo in general. I made friends with the owner, Dr. Robin Kuhne. Over lunch I was telling him about how badly I wanted to float, but kept getting shut-down by weeks long waiting lists. In seconds he was on his phone and booked me a 90 minute float.

After floating, I had a certain level of clarity and calmness that I had never had before, even though I was right in the middle of the fast paced hustle and bustle of the LA night scene. I knew I wanted to build my life around this. On the flights home and in the airports, I was compelled to tell everyone I could get to listen to me about what I had just experienced. I couldn't stop myself, I wanted everyone to feel the way I felt and experience what I experienced. I weighed my options and came up with a plan on how to make it happen. My plan was to find someone who I could trust and who had experience business and someone who might be the most objective person that I have ever worked with. I knew who I had to talk to, and if I could get him onboard, I knew that it would be a success. I knew he wouldn't leave any stone unturned, and that his high standards would create an upscale environment for everyone to float in.

"After floating, I had a certain level of clarity and calmness that I had never had before"

Making It Happen

My plan was to ask Jason DeShano to help start a float center and I told him my ideas and how I wanted things to go and I soon realized that I had asked the perfect guy to partner with me. Alongside farming, Jason has been an entrepreneur from a very young age. He owned and operated a very successful excavation business for 15 years, which he decided to retire from 2 years ago so he could focus on his farming and most importantly, have more time for his 5 growing children. He always tries to keep a positive attitude and focus on the good rather than the bad. We began to form a partnership even though we had previously worked together for about ten years; we hadn't really sat down and talked about business and life in detail like we were now. It didn't take long to realize that Jason's number one priority is his family, he has made that very clear and always respects that I also have a family and that should be my first priority, too. Jason is respected in the community for these reasons, and we have been forming a friendship and business relationship that is very fluent. He has taught me a lot of things that I can do to better myself as a business owner and as a father juggling between the two. Jason has the ability to make several decisions efficiently and effectively for short term and long term goals regarding the expectations we have for a high-end, successful float center. Working with Jason has not only been a challenge, but it has also been fun and taught me how to think differently and expand my thinking capacity. We took my dreams of starting the business and meshed them with the reality and specifics that come with starting a new business to create this float center, and we hope that you enjoy "floating" through life as much as we do.


MI Float is working very hard to continue the standard that so many downtown Midland businesses have set. We want to also set a standard for ourselves and be the best float center possible. Everyone at MI Float works tirelessly to make sure we are staying up on the latest and greatest in the float world. We have taken strides to ensure that we have the best equipment, care, and environment.